New Ford E-450 Cutaway for Sale in Nashville, TN

What the New 2022 Ford E-450 Cutaway Has to Offer at Mid-Tenn Ford

The new Ford E-450 Cutaway is the go-to commercial truck for Hendersonville drivers. It offers both power and ample cargo capacity. Its 18-inch body length and heavy-duty chassis make it a force to reckon in its class. To top it off, the E 450 comes designed with an aluminum rail gate which ensures easy and quick movement of cargo when detaching. You can visit our Mid-Tenn Ford in Nashville, TN, to view available trims.

Performance and Engine

The Ford E-450 Cutaway comes in a 7.3-liter V8 Premium-rated engine and a 7.3-liter V8 Economy-rated engine. These engines can produce horse powers of up to 350 and weigh up to 14,500 pounds. Good maintenance of the truck's engine can ensure a longer mileage of up to 300,000 miles. Whereas low to no maintenance guarantees a less mileage coverage of not more than 100,000 miles.

The design of this truck's engine enables it to optimize power across the entire powerband. The truck has a six-speed transmission that complements the high-performance demanded by the premium and economy engines. If you are in Bellevue, the Ford E-450 Cutaway is the best truck option.

Interior and Exterior Designs

Ford E-450 Cutaway boasts of its stylish interior and comfortable bucket seats of up to two persons. It has a legroom space of 40 inches and a headroom space of 42 inches. The stripped chassis of this cutaway can only accommodate one person but with the exception of a temporary driver's seat. The exterior is more attractive compared to other trucks in its class. The front end of the truck has a massive bold grille iced with chrome trimmings. The bold grille is useful as it provides an advanced flow of air into the engine.

Driver Assist Features

Sometimes driving in Brentwood can be challenging, which necessitates the driver-assist features. The Ford E-450 Cutaway has advanced driver-assist features. It includes the lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control. The adaptive cruise control helps in setting a standard distance with other vehicles. Forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and post-collision braking, among others.

Standard and Optional Features

All E-450 Cutaway trucks come with standard features. These include anti-lock brakes, power steering, front-wheel independent suspension, mode select transmission, a voltmeter, and a tachometer. Other optional features are available if you want a more comfortable truck in Franklin. These are speed control, remote keyless entry, block heaters, a limited-slip differential and traction control, and an auto-dimming rearview mirror.


The truck was designed with a focus on safety. It has airbags for the driver and the passenger. It also has a wheel strain checking that helps gauge any mechanical strain on the truck. To add to the list, it has a four-wheel anti-locking braking mechanism.

Application and Purposes

Ford E-450 Cutaway can be used for many purposes in Murfreesboro. It can be a passenger vehicle with a holding capacity of up to 15 passengers. Also, it can be used to haul heavy cargo or as a big delivery truck. Moreover, it can be used as an ambulance or an electric or utility van.


The E-450 Cutaway has a three-year warranty for miles up to 36,000. The powertrain is given a longer warranty of five years/60,000 miles. Another additional advantage that comes with purchasing the truck is the roadside assistance, whereby you will be provided with the service for five years.

If you feel the 2022 Ford E-450 Cutaway meets your expectations, visit our showroom in Nashville, TN, for more information. Also, you can schedule a test drive.

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