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Ford Super Duty Trucks Are Built to Perform Outside Nashville, TN

When you think of an American truck, it's almost guaranteed Ford Super Duty will come to mind. And there's good reason for that.

At Mid-Tenn Ford Truck Sales, the Ford Super Duty lineup has earned a stellar reputation for itself as the "go-to" for an optimal standard of quality. Leading the way are Ford Super Duty F-250 and F-350.

Both are great picks for the discerning truck enthusiast, but there are some differences between the two.

Ford Super Duty F-250

Many sing the praises of Ford F-150, but there are some jobs that require even more in a truck past Hendersonville. That's where Ford Super Duty F-250 comes into play.

Ford F-250 got a refresh in 2020 that introduced a 7.3L, eight-cylinder fuel engine and an available, reconfigured Power Stroke turbodiesel eight-cylinder layout.

New to the model is a fully loaded infotainment system with a touchscreen display.

Ford Super Duty F-350

Ford Super Duty F-350 is an absolute workhouse of a pickup. So, you'll be impressed with its unrivaled payload and towing capability as well as its wealth of configured options.

These extra features can fashion Ford F-350 into a commercially viable truck for all your business endeavors past Brentwood.

Comparing Ford F-250 to F-350

Whether you prefer Ford F-250 or F-350, you know you're getting engine options and the powering put forth by each.

As well, you have two transmission options between F-250 and F-350. You can go with either a TorqShift six-speed automatic transmission or TorqShift ten-speed automatic configuration.

Payload Convenience

When it comes to payload, this is where the differences between the two vehicles begin.

With its diesel engine, F-250 does a solid 3,940-lbs., while the gas engine gives you 4,260-lbs. hauled efficiently.

Ford F-350 manages to nearly double that at 7,850-lbs., when you add some available options toward that purpose.

Towing Prowess

As far as towing, F-250 is powerful enough for the needs of most outside Murfreesboro. Here's why:

  • Standard towing capacity comprises 20,000-lbs.
  • Maximum towing capacity of 22,800-lbs. is enabled with a gooseneck or fifth-wheel option.

Ford F-350 earns the following concering towing:

  • Standard tow rating encompasses 21,000-lbs., and 24,200-lbs. with diesel engine choice.
  • When hitched up, you get an astonishing 32,500-lbs. with the fifth wheel and 37,000-lbs. with gooseneck.

What makes F-350 a superior towing machine is its 4-inch rear block as well as a suspension designed specifically for heavier weights towed. These design modifications include a reinforced midsection as well as a considerably tighter rear spring.

How to Decide

One deciding factor is likely going to come down to how much towing and hauling power you might need. For the requirements of most jobs, you get plenty to work with in Ford Super Duty F-250.

For situations that require more, the options added to Ford Super Duty F-350 make it virtually unmatchable.

And to top things off, each Ford Super Duty model detailed here comes in a wide variety of trims.

With each trim, you're provided select features and elements for a more detailed approach to work or play outside Franklin.

Mid-Tenn Ford Truck Sales - Everything You Need in Ford Super Duty F-250, F-350 Trucks Near Bellevue, TN

Visit with us and get a feel for which Ford Super Duty truck is best for your needs.

As some of us require a proven truck specimen, it doesn't get any better than the Ford Super Duty lineup, featured at Mid-Tenn Ford Truck Sales.

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